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Barracuda for fishers & Lands Reclamation

1) Reclamation and preparing lands with necessary facilities that enable them to be planted and framing the reclamated lands. In two cases the lands must be customized for reclamation issues and planting, In addition to using the modern methods of irrigation and not irrigating with the immersion method (Around 1000 fid).

2) Breeding all kinds of pets .Barracuda for fishers and land reclamation is subjected to all types of taxes.

3) A Poultry production as per the article 50, clause (12) (Birds breeding is subjected for all taxes kinds).

4) Fisheries and fish farms in accordance with legal article 50 clause (12). The Company is subjected to stamp tax on disbursements in its dealings with government agencies while the rest of activities are subjected to all types of taxes subjected to all kinds of taxes and the card issued in No. 21814 in 14/1/2010 and the card is valid until 12/1/2011.

Barracuda for fishers & Lands Reclamation:-

Whether it's for the production of strains, milk , fattening or meats.

5) Poultry and all birds breeding strains production, hatchery, eggs production, fattening or meats.

6) Establishing fish farms and fishing.

7) Horses breeding.

8) Wells digging and constructing external and internal irrigation networks and building breaks.

9) Trading, distributing all legal products, exporting and importing with performing independent accounts and specific financial position for each activity separately.

Barracuda for fishers & Lands Reclamation:-

Sticking to all current laws and regulation in addition to getting the necessary licenses for carring out its business and enjoying taxes relists stated  in law No.91 for the year 2005 for the below activities :-
1) Lands reclamation and planting according to the legal article No. 50 clause no.1, item 65 from the executing regulation clause no.1, 2, 3 from the law No.91 for the year of 2005.
2) Risks of breeding and fattening cattle's as per the legal article No.5 clause (12).

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